Now available new version 2010.5 and 2013.5

Welcome to Geosult Wellsite Inc.

Version 2010.5/2013.5 update of our Striplog Sample Description Software is now available.

About Us

Geological Operations/Well Planning/ Wellsite Supervision/Sample Description Software

Geosult Wellsite Inc. provides Wellsite Geologist, Operations Geologists, Well Planners and Program Execution capabilities with 25+ years of experience.  In addition, licences the WildCat© striplog sample description software that can be used with any striplog/mudlog.


Our products, the WildCat© Striplog Sample Description software program Version 2010.5 and 2013.5 uses Microsoft Word 2010/2013 or later to provide a process whereby an individual or group can generate sample descriptions which includes cuttings quality, caving's descriptions and other comments.  It does this by using ribbons that have you follow a set order every time you do a sample description.  Typing is reduced so spelling errors are reduced, descriptions are correctly formatted, easily and consistently abbreviated, and can be selected or imported to any striplog/mudlog program.  Previous descriptions can also be repeated with ease. NOW CONTAINS CONTEXT DETAILED HELP TOPICS TO HELP YOU DESCRIBE SAMPLES.  Three YouTube videos available (see below).  More to come.


To get an individual licence of the WildCat© Striplog Sample Description Program for no cost for one year, send Don an email at the address below and request which Word version you would like (2010.5 or 2013.5) and information will be sent to you as to how to download the program.                                                                                                                                                                               email:          phone: 1-709-771-1968

Start WildCat Sample Descriptions

This video shows you how to put in the information required to set up the files required for doing sample descriptions.

Describe Samples Using WildCat Sample Description

This video shows you how to use the WildCat Sample Description Program to describe samples.  The files that you created in the first video are used in this video.

WildCat Sample Description Continued

This continues from the previous sample description video and shows more of what you can do with the program.